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Passion is where everything starts from. It is as indispensable as water for me in order to survive.


Grit is the right mix between courage, tenacity, endurance… and a badass, never give up attitude.


Resilience is my “Whatever happens, I’ll get back on my feet, and still follow my path” life saving moto.


Congruence is what makes everything sticks, bringing me a never ending experience of flow.

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Skillset 1: Build Organizations & Businesses from Scratch – Write, Publish and Produce

Consulting, trading, manufacturing, winemaking, publishing.

France – Canada – China.

CCIL Beijing Office – China

Achievements : started Lyon Chamber of Commerce in Beijing from scratch; managed 8 years; 300+ french orgs supported; bilateral agreements; business seminars, exhibitions; new businesses launched.

  • Plan Project
  • Interview Customers
  • Market
  • Network
  • Represent
  • Promote

DX Ltd / Trade – China

Achievements : Hundreds of French companies supported in their China business development. Services = Purchasing, quality control, and trade. Operations = Buy/manufacture/sell products for the European market.

  • Plan Project
  • Interview Customers
  • Build Mission & Report
  • Train
  • Market
  • Advise

DX Ltd / Production – China

Achievements : Started an entire metal mesh baskets workshop from scratch for the European horticulture industry, managed 15 years (2016). Dalian, Liaoning province. Operations, staff training, marketing and sales management.

  • Plan Project
  • Interview Customers
  • Design / Make / Create
  • Sell
  • Manufacture
  • Train

AKB Innovation – France

Achievements : startups funding (some still in operation (from the 90s); technology transfer; feasibility studies; mentoring, coaching, advising.

  • Fund or Help fund
  • Mentor – Coach
  • Research Center Industry collab.
  • Train
  • Business Plan
  • Advise

AB Éditions

Achievements : fiction & non-fiction books, reports, essays; 3 different book collections.
See Amazon author page for details.

  • Write
  • Create Book covers
  • Createspace+Amazon
  • Publish
  • Market
  • Promote

Monte Cristo / Wine – China

Achievements: 12 wines, 4 books, 16 distributors; 90 days ROI; 20x better than the competition
see Monte Cristo site  for details.

  • Self fund
  • Design
  • Market
  • Storytell
  • Distribute
  • Train

The Picaud Adventure

Achievements : research, essays, novel, movie script, trailers (details below).

  • Research
  • Essays
  • Movie script
  • Documentary project

Skillset 2: Source, Trade, Quality Control, Train

Sourcing, trading, manufacturing, from scratch.

Advising customers to build China businesses wisely.


Foundry Industry


Furniture Industry

Quality Control

Garment Industry

Skillset 3: Manufacture & Get Hands Dirty

Building and transferring low-tech operations to China.

Build Facilities

Adapt a Construction Building

Set Equipment

Piece by piece with bare hands

Mechanical Assembly

With parts modified on the fly


Give people training and a job

Skillset 4: Train Board of Administrations, MBA Execs & Top Executives

France – China business opportunities seminars, training, and coaching.

French top IT Companies

China IT Business Seminar

Board of Administration 1

Cross Cultural Differences Seminar

MBA – Top Exec Seminar

Doing Business in China Training

Board of Administration 2

China Venture Launch Seminar

MPM Wuhan

China Top Executives Seminar

MPM Lyon

Business Owners Seminar

CCIFC Beijing

IT China Seminar

Board of Administration 3

China Startup Seminar

Skillset 5: Build Bilateral Economic Links, Advise & Facilitate

Bilateral achievements.

CCI Lyon and CCPIT

Bilateral Treaties Signature

French Embassy – Beijing

French Ambassador 1

French Embassy – Beijing

French Ambassador 2

Made in France Promotion

Maisons à vivre with French Minister

Rhône-Alpes – Guangzhou

Bilateral Partnerships Signature

Trade Mission

Shenyang Government

Trade Mission

Shenyang Government

Made in France Promotion

China TV Channel

Bilateral Partnerhips

Dalian City Mayor

Trade Mission

CCIL President tour in China

Aderly – Invest in France

France Investment Promotion

Lyon city Promotion in China

Lyon city Mayor

Xiamen Business Meetings

Entry  Event Speech

Europasia Board

120 Chinese CEOs in Lyon

French Exhibition in Beijing

Economy Minister C. Lagarde

EuropAsia Conference

Lyon City


Sino-French Universities 

China Environment Exhib.

CIEPEC National

Trade Mission

Rhône-Alpes Officials 

Grand-Lyon China Tour

Grand-Lyon Vice-Chairman

Skillset 6: Design Way Beyond a Mere Business

Creating a concept, building a narrative, creating a complete wine catalog,

Writing 4 essays, 1 novel, 1 movie script, editing 2 trailers…

Perform interviews, co-design a wardrobe, source, and co-design 2 horse saddle packs,

Build 2 websites, and many derivatives products… while building a business.

Creating a Promotional Video

From grapes to wine: the whole MC wine process.

From Idea to Concept

From a worldwide-known character and novel (the Count of Monte Cristo) to a whole business and creative almost transmedia adventure.
Building a Dumas Father cultural association in France.
Creating a Monte Cristo Badminton Team in China.
Creating trailers and training sessions, producing Video Material, publishing recipe books.

Sponsoring Château Monte Cristo

Alexandre Dumas castle

Building a Visual Identity

The young Dumas, the castle, our wine catalog

Filming for a Short Movie on Château d’If

The Count of Monte Cristo prison

Creating Crafts from Maps and Cards

Vineyards maps and cards the artist way

Publishing MC Books on Wine Recipes

4 self-published wine books

Creating VIP Promotion Gifts

Fu Laoshi calligraphies

From an Inspiring Hero based Concept, to Blending, to a Narrative Centered Wine Catalog

12 wines from VDF to AOC (each label is a story and bears the name of one of the main Count of Monte Cristo novel characters).

La Carconte

MC Vin de France blend #1

Marquis Cavalcanti

MC Vin de France blend #2

Abbé Busoni

MC Vin de France blend #3

Comte de Morcerf

MC Vin de Pays (IGP) blend #1

Réserve de Mercédès

MC Vin de Cépage #1: Merlot

Réserve de Mercédès

MC Vin de Cépage #2: Syrah

Réserve de Mercédès

MC Vin de Cépage #3: Sauvignon

Tours de l’île d’If

MC AOC Corbières

Tours de l’île d’If

MC AOC Minervois

Baron d’Épinay

MC AOC Bordeaux #1

Monsieur de Villefort

MC AOC Bordeaux #2

Flavien de Quesnel

MC AOC Bordeaux #3

From a Typical Wine Business to Research on the Authentic Monte Cristo: François Picaud

4 essays

Essay 1: the Report

Picaud : le Rapport

Essay 2: The Inquiry

Picaud : l’Enquête

Essay 3: The Commentator

Picaud selon Ashton-Wolfe

Essay 4: The Letters

Lettres à Picaud

From Ancestry Research to Storytelling

1 movie script, 1 novel, 1 novel website

The Novel

Le Diamant et la Vengeance

Le Diamant et la Vengence novel Website

The Movie Script

Le Diamant et la Vengeance

From Storytelling to Building the François Picaud Legend Ecosystem

A documentary film project, 1 documentary website, 1 doc trailer and 1 Itinerary trailer.

The Documentary Website

Everything on Picaud the true Monte Cristo.

Trailer 1 : the Treasure!

On the fabulous Picaud real treasure trail.

Trailer 2: the Trail Route

Detailed itinerary for the treasure quest.

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