About Me

I constantly learn new ways of creating and building: books, essays, articles, businesses, wine, teaching curricula.

I lifelong-learn to build web and mobile apps: programming (code and no-code), blockchain, AI, product management, design thinking, growth marketing.

I coach, teach, and share what I understand, and I learn some more.

In short: I write (fiction, non-fiction, in reports, books, or blog formats), I ideate, and launch businesses (in consulting, manufacturing, education, wine, cosmetics industries), I teach, coach, train from solopreneurs to MNCs boards.

I am still an introvert.

What I Do

I write and self-publish

I imagined 3 collections: 1-Succeeding in China (books, reports, essays, related to cross communications challenges, strategies, and tactics [some in French, some in English]). 2-Transitions (focused on purpose, meaning, change and personal and professional improvements [French]). 3-XIXth century France stories in its historical context (essays, novels, movie script [French]).

Succeed in China series

l'Aventure Picaud Series

Les Archives de la Police series

Les Archives de la Police series

I build or co-build or transfer

I created AKB Innovation in the mid-nineties to serve French SMEs in their innovation support (financial, R&D, and strategy) needs. I created a wine brand and 12 wine blends for the China market. I co-created a Chamber of Commerce in Beijing. I transferred technology and production to China. I created a book series as a publishing brand.

I benchmark startup ecosystem initiatives

I spent countless hours articulating a startup ecosystem creation support process. I introduced it as Project-15. I imagined Project-15 spinoffs to launch such as Product.House (2021). I am fundraising for SJ Fund another spinoff.