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“When the mountain eludes you, let your relentless spirit guide you towards the summit.”

Tokyo 23 City Hall Wards Journey

Tokyo-to Cities Office Journey

Tokyo-to Towns, and Villages Journey [Nishitama District]

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Other places that are still unreachable for this project

These places are mainly out of reach for most of foot traveler but probably require a visit for their potential beauty.

(island) Towns and Villages in Ōshima Subprefecture:

  1. Ōshima (town) Coordinates: 34.7302, 139.4107 Website:
  2. Toshima (village) Coordinates: 34.4984, 139.3654 Website:
  3. Niijima (village) Coordinates: 34.3943, 139.2699 Website:
  4. Kōzushima (village) Coordinates: 34.2193, 139.1593 Website:

(island) Towns and villages in Miyake Subprefecture:

  1. Miyake (town) Coordinates: 34.0806, 139.5297 Website:
  2. Mikurajima (village) Coordinates: 33.8705, 139.6058 Website:

(island) Towns and Villages in Hachijō Subprefecture:

  1. Hachijō (town) Coordinates: 33.1030, 139.8035 Website:
  2. Aogashima (village) Coordinates: 32.4589, 139.7680 Website:

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